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Singapore is strategically located at the crossroads between the Pacific and Indian Ocean with its unique position in the tropical South China Sea offering unprecedented opportunities for rapidly advancing research and discovery in tropical marine science. St. John’s Island, which lies in the Singapore Strait off the southern tip of Singapore, is connected by a land bridge to the Lazarus Island Development and is approximately one km north of the Sisters’ Islands. The island itself has healthy remnants of a coastal forest, natural rocky shores as well as a small area of mangroves supporting different flora and fauna to mainland Singapore. Many of these habitats are semi-pristine and are excellent sites for studying tropical organisms and ecosystems. These diverse biotopes support a large variety of plant and animal species, many of which have yet to be identified and studied.


About Us

The St John’s Island Marine Laboratory (SJIML) was officially opened on 3 October 2002. In March 2016, the National Research Foundation designated the marine lab as a National Research Infrastructure. SJIML will serve as a focal point for marine science research to meet Singapore’s strategic needs for the future. The facility was launched as St John's Island National Marine Laboratory (SJINML) on 28 Nov 2016. Dedicated high quality seawater aquarium facilities present unique opportunities for high impact research in many aspects of marine science. Access to natural seawater with its enigmatic mix of chemistry and biology is a valuable resource for translating laboratory ideas into real world applications.  The marine lab also operates a 12m research vessel Galaxea.

Research facilities are open to all researchers.

For more information on facilities and marine lab visits, see SJINML.

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