Acoustic Research Lab

Mission statement

The Acoustic Research Laboratory conducts fundamental & applied research with the aim of becoming a world-class tropical marine acoustics research laboratory & to attract international recognition & collaboration with the long-term goal of providing Singapore with a self-contained marine acoustics research centre of excellence.


The objectives of the ARL are:

  • To carry out high-quality acoustic research.

  • To support affiliated marine research laboratories in their work where acoustic tools and research input are required.

  • To attract international prestige and collaboration with recognised institutes abroad.

  • To engender a positive research climate in which marine acoustic and technology companies are attracted to Singapore and are able to benefit from economically valuable research.

  • To provide an effective marine research capability for Singapore to fulfill its needs with respect to managing its marine resources.

  • To provide manpower training in marine acoustic research.

The ARL maintains authority over its inventory, purchasing, budgeting and resource allocations as a separate laboratory within the Tropical Marine Science Institute of the National University of Singapore

Research Opportunities

Researchers interested in participating in research at the ARL are welcome to take a look at potential opportunties here.


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