Research Groups


The Institute has multi-disciplinary research laboratories and research programmes with applications which include policy, environmental and crisis management, primary production and environmental forecasting.

The research laboratories are:

Acoustics Research Laboratory
Physical Oceanography Research Laboratory
Marine Biology & Ecology Research Laboratory
Ecological Monitoring, Informatics and Dynamics (EMID) Research Group

TMSI firmly believes in the strength of cross-disciplinary interaction to enhance productivity and creativity. Many of the research projects we undertake benefit from pooling the skills of scientists and engineers with diverse backgrounds.

We gain from close interaction with staff from almost all faculties of the NUS, the National Research Centres and Research Institutes. Building active international links strengthens the development of TMSI's research programmes.

This multi-skill team approach has proven successful in giving research at the TMSI a flying start. For this and other reasons, the TMSI is the first of a new model for research institutes in Singapore.

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