Research Facilities (Galaxea)



  • 1. The Galaxea per trip rental rates, inclusive of 3 crew (steersman, engine driver and deckhand), are as follows:

    NUS (except DBS/TMSI) Non-NUS entities
    Weekdays $800 $1000
    Weekends & Public Holidays $1100 $1200

2. Operation hours are from 0830 hrs – 1800 hrs on weekdays, weekends and public holidays. After 1800 hrs and before 0830 hrs, there is an overtime payment of $15 per hour for each crew member.

3. A surcharge of $1.00 per litre  will be imposed for fuel consumption exceeding 300 litres per trip (a return trip to Raffles Marina from RSYC consumes about 300L of diesel). 

4. Bookings are accepted as early as 3 months in advance and at least 3 days before the intended use

5. No block booking (i.e., consecutive booking of more than 3 days or booking a specific day continuously for 3 weeks or more) is allowed unless agreed upon by the vessel management committee.

6. A cancellation window of 3 working days will be allowed after which a fine will be imposed if deemed necessary by the vessel management committee. The user will forfeit 50% of their regular booking rate in the event of a late cancellation. However, if alternative users can be engaged for the cancellation period, and if they are agreeable to make the full payment, then no penalty will be imposed.

7. The Boat Captain will have the final call on board the vessel when safety is a concern; such as the need to don life jackets, calling off experiments during bad weather, etc.

8. A safety assessment/briefing should be held by the Project Investigator or whoever is leading the cruise before departure.

9. For enquiries on bookings, please contact Mr Wong at 97956179, email:

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