Here is a list of research tools used by MMRL. The list includes audio and video equipments for making underwater recordings, software for sound analysis, programming tools for software development and others. We hope this compiled list will be useful anyone interested the area of marine mammal research and/or bioacoutics.

Brüel & Kjær 8103 - Frequency range fron 0.1 Hz to 180 kHz. Useful for recording ultrasound signals such as echolocation clicks. Can be used as a projector.
Reson TC4013 - Frequency range from 1 Hz to 170 kHz.Useful for recording ultrasound signals such as echolocation clicks. Useful for Can be used as a projector.
DolphinEAR - Frequency range from 7 Hz to 22 kHz. Useful for recording dolphin whistles.
CETACEAN RESEARCH C55 - Frequency response 16 Hz to 44 kHz. Useful for recording dolphin whistles.

Hydrophone Pre-Amplifiers/ Power Amplifiers
Brüel & Kjær Nexus Conditioning Amplifier Type 2693 - 4 channel charge conditioning amplifier.
Reson VP1000 -1 MHz bandwidth single ended voltage preamplifier, designed for use with piezo-electric hydrophone and a variety of transducers.
Brüel & Kjær Power Amplifier Type 2713 - General purpose power amplifier for capacitive piezoelectric transducers. Use to drive suitable hydrophones as a projector.

Data Acquisition/ Audio Recorders
National Instruments Data Acquisition (DAQ) - High speed, multi channels data acquisition devices for recording acoustic signals. MMRL uses the following portable DAQs for field measurements, DAQCard-6062E, DAQPad-6070E and USB-6251.

Sound Analysis Software
Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Raven - Mac OS, Microsoft Windows compatible software program for the acquisition, visualization, measurement, and analysis of sounds.
Avisoft Bioacoustics, Avisoft-SASLab Pro - Microsoft Windows based software program with a broad range of processing and analysis tools.
Adobe Audition - Audio recording/ editing software.

Software Development/ Research Analysis
The MathWorks, Matlab - High-level language for technical computing.
National Instruments, LabVIEW -Graphical programming for measurement and automation. A development tool for applications in test and measurement.