Hong Kong - Ocean Park Conservation Foundation Hong Kong
Malaysia - The Langkawi Dolphin Project
- Sarawak Dolphin Project
Thailand - Phuket Marine Biological Center 
The Philippines - WWF - Philippines
- Tropical Marine Research for Conservation


Australia - Australian Marine Mammal Centre
- Australian Whale Conservation Society
- Dolphin Research Institute
- The Oceania Project
- Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society


Europe - European Cetacean Society
- European Association for Aquatic Mammals
Italy - Bottlenose Dolphin Research Institute
Scotland - Cetacean Research & Rescue Unit
- Sea Mammal Research Unit
United Kingdom - Sea Watch Foundation
- Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society

United States of America

America - American Cetacean Society
- Dolphin Research Center
- Hawaii Whale Research Foundation
- Mote Marine Laboratory
- National Marine Mammal Laboratory
- Sea Sheperd Conservation Society


South Africa - Dolphin and Whale Research Centre